Smart Solutions for Property Management

Dwellant technology platforms are designed to help Property Managers work smarter.

Enabling remote working, tailored app-based on-site surveying, maintenance contracting, automated reporting and document management, Dwellant makes Property Managers more efficient. Using Dwellant, Property Managers can build more successful relationships with contractors and residents.

Effective Communication with Contractors and Residents

With a suite of smart solutions, Dwellant simplifies communication.

Dwellant securely stores compliance, health & safety, purchase order, workflow and invoice information to maximise contractor relationships.

Building-specific survey reports, maintenance tracking, budget management and statutory communications managed by Dwellant optimise interactions with residents.

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The perfectly-run building requires great communication, proactive management and rapid problem solving.

Dwellant's online service makes Property Managers more efficient, keeps residents well informed and tracks engagement with contractors.