Property Management

Block management too often remains a time-consuming, thankless business, where residents are difficult to please - but very easy to alienate in lots of all-too-familiar ways.

When surveyed, residents said that they only talk to their Property Manager when there's a problem and had no idea of the constant activity going on behind the scenes. Property Managers need to have excellent memories and broad shoulders as their customer interface is often driven by urgent "fire-fighting" activities.

But what if things were different?

What if residents knew about all the things you do to keep things running smoothly - not just the problems reported and the issues that need consultation? Would they be more understanding of your role and challenges?

How about all of your active tasks in one place, with progress updated by the contractors in real time so that residents no longer need to call "for an update"?

What about a system that chases contractors for quotes, work completion notification and proof of accreditation?

Would it help if all recurring maintenance tasks in every building were issued to contractors automatically when due?

What if it was as easy to get three quotes as it is to obtain one? Then, with one click, accept a quote and automatically let the other bidders know they have been unsuccessful this time?

I’m ready to start managing

...and just as you'd expect, you control what people see, what people can do, when they do it and how - all at the click of a button.

Dwellant is making thungs different for property managers.

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